The Light Trilogy

South City

"Love is a place, and the place is Memory." In the fallout of their divorce, Johnny Light and Rachel Kim scoured the idyllic streets of South City for one last farewell.


"And the world will know my love for you..." Twenty years after the events of 'South City', an orphaned bargirl made the biggest decision of her life.


"Boy meets girl. An entire universe is born out of Memory." Long before the events in 'South City', a young couple lived their days happily in the sun.


American Diorama

This simple, yet poignant diorama made by Caesar Giovanni captured the feel of what would soon be Pandu Hutomo's greatest pop song.

Madeleine's Lament

The titular soul of Pandu Hutomo's sophomore effort recounts the time before the Moon swallowed everything.

Săn Trăng

Vietnamese trailer for Madeleine of Rogues, which narration also later became a song featuring Giang Jolie.

I Think I've Met You In Another Life

Trailer for "Felicia" MV, showcasing Trias Kartika as Rachel Felicity Kim and the backdrop of Little Tokyo.

우리 달, 대체 너 어디 갔니?

Korean trailer for Madeleine of Rogues, shot by Panji Kadar, which narration also later became a song featuring Elena Song.

Johnny Light: Fool's Gold

Prior to his divorce, Johnny Light was lost in a strange island, looking for his last shot at greatness--and perhaps, a way to fix his own future...

Katherine's Journal: Mom, Dad, South City

What is love, if not the ultimate prey of Time? An orphan girl scours the night streets of South City looking for answers...

Johnny Light: Stormchaser

Those who crave the lightning's touch, gather as we scour the vast ocean in search for enlightenment! I, Johnny Light, Honorary Captain of the Stormchasers, call upon thee!

Katherine Light: Daughter of the Breeze

A country road. A heart full of hope. The end is always the beginning.

Katherine's Resolution
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